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Pink In 

 The Sky

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Late nail artist KharaTheNailPlug designs serves as an inspiration to SmellMyPeace's NEW

 candle collection.  

Khara's presence is deeply missed by many and will continue to be honored by her sister, Founder Jas Jones. 

While seeing pink(Khara's favorite color) in the sky during sunrises/sunsets, we are reminded of the beauty in transitioning. 


Candle K23

Candle K23 receives its name from KharaTheNailPlug's only daughter Kynsli's birthdate.  Proven to be a replica of her mom with a drop of spunk, Kyn was a great catalyst for her mom pursuing nail art. 

K23 will have a lighter and more playful scent.

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Candle K24

Candle K24 is for Khara's birthdate.

K24 scent mirrors Khara's feminine and soft art style.

Featuring hints of passionfruit, guava, and mint are circulating in this candle.   

Candle K25

K25 signifies the age Khara transitioned. K25 is a multilayer candle with a smooth transition between scents. We see shades of pink in the sky during sunset and sunrise. These are two beautiful transitions we witness daily. K25 reminds us that transitions can be graceful. 

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